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Impersonation Trap

White Paper

The Impersonation Trap:
A Costly Mistake in B2B eCommerce

What’s Inside?

Are your sales reps still relying on impersonation (aka logging in as a customer) to assist your B2B eCommerce buyers?

It's a trap many fall into, assuming it's the only way for sales reps to assist buyers effectively. But what if we told you there's a better alternative that empowers your sales reps to do much more than mimic buyers?

This white paper: "The Impersonation Trap: A Costly Mistake in B2B eCommerce" introduces Pepperi's game-changing solution that goes beyond impersonation, providing a dedicated environment for your sales reps.

Here's what you'll discover:

✅ The concept of impersonation and why it's not recommended beyond troubleshooting.

✅ How Pepperi's separate environment transforms the way sales reps interact with buyers.

✅ Side by side comparison of the 2 approaches

✅ Real-world use cases illustrating the practical implications of these differences

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