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Copy of eGuide_ How to create effective trade promotions


The Dos and Don'ts of Great Omnichannel Trade Promotions

Consumer goods brands and wholesalers are realizing that trade promotions are critical for gaining an edge in competitive markets.

But getting promotions right is challenging.

It requires expertise, resources and a way to handle the increase in customer touch points.

In fact, if not done right, B2B promotions could backfire, impacting revenues, partner relationships and customer satisfaction.

With this eGuide you'll learn:

  • Why trade promotions are so important and what the key challenges are in getting them right in a multi-channel environment.
  • The 6 key steps for creating great omnichannel promotions - best-practices and tips based on Pepperi’s experience working with over 1,000 consumer goods brands and distributors. 
  • The common mistakes you should avoid when planning, executing and analyzing trade campaigns.

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Pepperi provides consumer goods brands and wholesalers with a comprehensive platform to
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