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Monday Nov 25 16:00 AEST / 05:00 GMT

Recently we have migrated all of our customers to the new Activity Lists, and released the all new Line Item reports.

Activity Lists have been updated with new functionality such as:

  • Filters by any field
  • Set default date range
  • Configure Smart Search per list
  • View Activities on a map

Transaction Line-item reports allow you to create lists such as:

  • Items purchased by the customer in the last month
  • Items not yet delivered
  • Items purchased as part of an Item or Package Promotion
  • Items purchased from a specific season or other subcategory
  • Items purchased on B2B eCommerce site VS. from a sales rep

We want to be sure that you are aware of all the functionality that is now available. This webinar will walk through configuration and use cases of Activity and Line Item reports.